February 27, 2015

2nd Sunday of Lent - B


Apart by Themselves”

We all have heard that Jesus allows Peter, James, and John witness the Transfiguration in order to prepare them for His Crucifixion. Moreover, as the leaders of the Twelve, their experience would help them strengthen their brothers.

We also know that they do not fulfill that special mission. In fact, they would soon join the other nine arguing who among them is the greatest (Same Chapter, just 20 or so verses later in v. 34). Worse, that was after Jesus had told them what would happen to him in Jerusalem for the second time.

Then, in Chapter 10, after Jesus has told them for the third time what awaits him in Jerusalem (10: 32 – 34), James and John themselves come and ask Jesus if they may sit one at his right and one at his left when Jesus comes “in his glory” (10: 37).

Praise God. The Lord patiently sustains them (or puts up with them). By God's grace, after the Resurrection, they truly witnessed to Jesus and the love and life he gave to them.

Maybe I should look at the special and privileged moments that the Lord has given to me, and ask myself how I have made use of them.  

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