April 25, 2015

4th Sunday of Easter - B

John 10: 11 – 18

Love, Knowledge, Freedom, Sacrifice

These four virtues/qualities are all present in this passage as the Good Shepherd reveals his very self to his friends.

And there must be all four in any authentic relationship.

All four qualities exist in the relationship between the Father and the Son.
The Father and the Son knows each other. It is a knowledge of love. It is free love. From this love, the Father sends the Son to save humanity. And from this love, the Son makes the sacrifice to do the Father's will.

All four qualities exists in the way the Good Shepherd relates to his flock.

He knows them. Moreover, he knows them as intimately as the knowledge between him and the Father. He loves them, even to the point of freely laying down his life for them.  

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