June 27, 2015

13th Sunday - B


The Touch of Healing and Life

Jesus' touch restores he dignity of one woman and life and future for the other.

In the case of the adult woman, for twelve years, for hemorrhage has rendered her ritually (religiously) unclean, by the standards of the time. In addition to healing her, Jesus' touch reunites her to the community of God's people.

In the case of the girl, her short life, full of future promise, has been cut short. Jesus' touch restores her to life and to God's plan for her present and future.

What is keeping me from being the child of God that the loving Father created me to be?

Let us pray that Jesus Christ, who touches us with his words and his sacraments, restores us to that dignity given to us by the Father. May Christ's touch enable us to respond to the gift of the fullness of life to which the Holy Spirit is leading us.

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