June 6, 2015

Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ



A priest in our community, Fr. Jay, pointed out that the word “prepare” or “preparation” appears three times in this short passage. 

Jesus knows what he is about to do.  He prepares for it.  And he is ready for it.

The reading given to us in the lectionary skips verses 17 – 21, the verses where Mark recounts Jesus telling the disciples that one of them would betray him.  Jesus knows. [1]

And this passage continues in Mark with Jesus warning the disciples that their faith will be shaken, and that their leader, Peter, would deny him.  [2]

Yet, Jesus loves these very weak and broken disciples. 

He loves them to the point of giving his very life for them.  To them, he says, “This is my body,”  “This is my blood.”  What he now says in words, he will complete on the cross.

To us, the Lord continues to give this gift of love.  To us, he now says, “This is my body,” “This is my blood.”

He knows.  He prepares.  And he is ready.  Because he loves us.
[1], [2]  Frank Moloney, This is the Gospel of the Lord: Reflections of the Gospel Readings, Year B. Homebush, NSW, Australia: St. Paul Publications, 1993.  

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