July 9, 2016

15th Sunday - C (July 10, 2016)


Moved with Compassion”

The Samaritan “was moved with compassion at the sight” of the victim of robbers.

This same expression appears two other times in the Gospel of Luke. Jesus uses it to describe the forgiving father at the sight of his prodigal son returning in Luke 15. The other time, it is used by Luke to describe Jesus when he sees the suffering widow of Nain whose son has died in Luke 7.

This expression is similar to saying, “the person's heart aches at the sight.”

The Samaritan's aching heart (compassion) moves him to act as the neighbor to the victim.

So is God's heart for us in our sufferings.

So is the heart of Jesus at the sight of our pains, struggles, and sins.

Looking at this parable in this way, it is a parable of God's mercy and compassion for us.

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, let us allow the compassionate heart of God to touch us.

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