August 13, 2016

20th Sunday - C (August 14, 2016)


“To Set the Earth on Fire”

A week ago, Jesus told us “your Father is pleased to give you the kingdom,” (Luke 12:32).  Yet, today, in the same chapter, he speaks of some really troublesome things. 

What’s the idea here?

On the one hand, Jesus’ words, referring to divisions even within families, might be interpreted as disturbing and hard to accept.  In fact, we know some people rejected his message then.  Many still do today.

On the other hand, the gift of God’s kingdom that Jesus brought us is the greatest gift.  It is greater than what is considered natural in a human family.  There might be times when one’s family is not willing to accept it. Even then, the gift of the kingdom of God is worth the rejection of one’s own family.

And this message from Jesus might even mean that anyone who has been given the gift of the kingdom would do all one could to share that gift with everybody, beginning with one’s own family. 

That is the fire Jesus gives us to share with all until the whole earth is blazing with the fire of God’s love.  

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