October 22, 2016

30th Sunday - C


Knowing Self and Knowing God

Last week, we reviewed the four types of verbal prayer (prayer of adoration and thanksgiving, of petition, of intercession, and of contrition).

Today, the Gospel offers us an example of a sinner who knows how to pray a prayer of contrition.  The tax collector knows himself and trusts in God’s goodness and mercy.  Thus, he is able to humbly ask for forgiveness. 

The Pharisee, on the contrary, misses the chance to offer a prayer of thanksgiving.  He has done all the right things, at least according to his list.  But he gives credit all to himself instead of to God.  In fact, he brags and puts himself above “the rest of humanity.”  He really does not know himself, nor does he know God.  Therefore, he fails.  

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