January 15, 2017

2nd Sunday - A (January 15, 2017)


Jesus 101 – Christians 101

The Scripture readings for this Sunday give us at least 5 titles or identities of Jesus.

As you read, try substituting your name for Jesus in each of the five sentences.

From the Gospel:
1.    At the baptism at the Jordan, Jesus is identified as “the Son of God.”
2.    Jesus is the Anointed One (meaning, the Christ).
3.    The Holy Spirit is with Jesus. (“The Holy Spirit comes down and remains with him.”)

From the Second Reading:
4.    Jesus is holy.

From the First Reading:
5.    Jesus is the light, through whom God shows God’s glory to the nations.

What is true about Jesus is true about us.
With Baptism, all of us Christians have been baptized into Christ, and become members of Christ’s Body.

Then, let us reflect or ask ourselves, “How am I living these identities?”

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