January 21, 2017

3rd Sunday - A (January 22, 2017)


Single Purpose

Matthew introduces the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee pointing out that Jesus is fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy.  In other words, by preaching in “Galilee of the Gentiles,” Jesus is fulfilling God’s plan of salvation for all people.

Jesus’ life has a single purpose – doing the Father’s will.  His ministry in Galilee is the beginning of this mission [1].  And everything he does serves that purpose.

When he called the first disciples, they followed him “at once” (in the case of Simon and Andrew) or “immediately” (in the case of James and John).  In fact, it is the same adverb in the Greek text.

Was it because they felt drawn by Jesus who was so clear about the mission of his life?  And they became a part of that mission. 

That attitude was the desire the Apostle Paul wanted for the Christian community of Corinth, “that you be united in the same mind and in the same purpose” (2nd Reading). 

All of us should desire for that same attitude – living life with a single purpose – being the instruments of God’s salvation to all people.  

[1]  The translation reads “withdrew.”  It does not mean Jesus retreated or ran away in face of danger when he learned that John had been arrested.  It simply means he “returned” to Galilee. (Rev. John Petty, http://www.progressiveinvolvement.com)

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