April 29, 2017

3rd Sunday of Easter (April 30, 2017)


We Were Hoping

“Are you the only visitor…?,” asked Cleopas.

Cleopas forgets that he himself is a visitor. 

In fact, we are all visitors. 

Nothing, nobody in this earthly life of ours is permanent. 

Yet, don’t we all build so much of our hopes, dreams, and even our dependence, on the things and people of this passing world?  Like Cleopas and his friend, “we were hoping...”

Before recognizing Jesus, the two disciples felt hopeless.  But they had put their hope in the Redeemer of Israel.  And the Redeemer does not fail their hope.

The Redeemer is still and always with us.  He walks with us in our companions.  He speaks to us.  And he gives himself to us in the breaking of the bread. 

Our hope is in Him who has conquered death.


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