September 2, 2017

22nd Sunday - A (September 3, 2017)

Matthew 16: 21-27


We probably don’t want to admit it, but we all conform to certain things, from trends, styles, fashions, to ways of thinking or acting. 

St. Paul urges his community then, and us today, “Do not yourselves conform to this age.”  On the contrary, we are to conform ourselves to Jesus Christ and his way of love. 

In order to conform ourselves to Jesus Christ, we must carry the cross and follow him.

It is probably true that most of us will not have to die for Christ as martyrs.  The question, as Matthew Kelly, the Catholic writer and speaker, asked, is whether we are living for Christ. 

In the daily carrying of our cross and in small acts of loving we live for Christ, and in this way, conform to him.  

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