August 26, 2017

21st Sunday - A (August 27, 2017)



Who Do You Say that I Am?

In the first question, Jesus asks the disciples for people’s opinion about him.

In the second question, Jesus asks the disciples for their own opinion about him. 

In response, Peter, in the name of the group, professes that Jesus is “the Son of the living God.” 

This is not the first time they acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God.  The group did it once after Jesus calmed to storm (Matthew 14:33).  They were then identified as “those who were in the boat.”   

Now, Peter is the first person identified by name to profess this faith in Jesus.  [1] 

It is not enough knowing what people say about Jesus.  It is not enough to know the faith of a group, even though it is essential to share the faith of the Church community.  After all, each of us has received the gift of faith and its knowledge through the Church. 

Yet, faith must be both communal and personal.  It must be both my faith and our faith.

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[1]  John Petty.

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