January 27, 2018

4th Sunday - B (January 28, 2018)


We Are The Presence of God’s Kingdom

The presence of Jesus in the synagogue of Capernaum is the presence of God’s Kingdom.  And that presence is intolerable for the evil spirit [1].  In fact, the evil spirit cries out on its own and thus betrays itself. 

The Kingdom of God is present in our midst.  With Jesus coming into the world, we now and will always live in that presence. 

Moreover, Jesus entered the synagogue with his disciples who he had just called (last week’s Gospel).  They become a part of God’s Kingdom when they are with Jesus.

It is still the case with us.  We are the presence of God’s Kingdom now.  The closer we are to Jesus the stronger we make present the Kingdom of God, and the more effective we are in dispelling the evil spirits in our world. 

[1] Francis J. Moloney. The Gospel of Mark, A Commentary. Peabody, MA: Hendrickson, 2002; p. 53.
Image source:  www.agnusday.org

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