August 25, 2018

21st Sunday - B (August 26, 2018)

“We Have Come to Believe”

“You have the words of eternal life.”  “You are the Holy One of God.”

Those are affirmative statements of faith that Peter professes.  They are even more significant considering that “many of Jesus’ disciples” now walk away from him.

Peter and the rest of the Twelve could not have just profess such faith in Jesus on the spot.  It is the result of a process.  Peter says, “We have come to believe and are convinced.”

Faith is first and foremost a gift from God.  However, Peter and his friends “have come to believe” in Jesus because they have been with him, listened to him, and shared life with him.

Only by spending time with Jesus can we come to believe and are convinced that he has the words of eternal life and that he is the Holy One of God.  

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