September 1, 2018

22nd Sunday - B (September 2, 2018)

“Jesus Summoned the Crowd”

We humans are bodily beings.  We express our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions through perceivable attitudes, body language, facial expressions, words, actions, etc.   In fact, we communicate our very being in the same manners. 

So do we express and communicate our relationships with God and with our brothers and sisters through rituals, actions, words, emotions, etc. 

What matters, as Jesus teaches us, is that our external expressions must not for show.  They must come from our hearts. 

It might help to preserve this awareness and attitude when we remember that our existence and all we are come from God’s graciousness.  As we again see in this Gospel passage, it was Jesus who took the initiative to instruct us the way of God as “Jesus summoned the crowd” and taught them.  

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