March 16, 2019

2nd Sunday of Lent - C (March 17, 2019)

The Son of God – A Review

As a good teacher, the Church gives us a timely review of the purpose of the Lenten journey as we get to the 2nd week of Lent.

This journey, in fact the journey of our life, has one goal – to reach our destiny of being children of God. 

Last week, the Gospel told us of how Jesus, the Son of God, faced temptations.  Like Jesus, we, children of God, face temptations also.

This week, we are given a vision of what is to come.  Jesus will go to Jerusalem and will endure the cross.  Yet, here we have a vision of his glories of the “chosen Son” of God. 

On the journey, we will face temptations.  We have our own Jerusalem and our own crosses. 

But the journey does not end with death.  There is more to come.  
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