March 24, 2019

3rd Sunday of Lent - C (March 24, 2019)

“I Shall Cultivate the Ground & Fertilize It”

Sometimes, we can become self-centered during Lent.  We can measure the success of Lent on how we keep the Lenten practices that we decide for ourselves.  If we do poorly, we feel the whole season is a failure.  If we do well, we can brag and credit ourselves for the achievements.  Of course, neither attitude is the purpose of the season. 

In this Gospel, Jesus reminds us that Lent, in fact our whole life, is a gift of God’s mercy.  The journey of conversion is a journey of a lifetime.  And it is not about our accomplishments or failures.  We do need to cooperate with God.  Yet, ultimately, like the gardener who cultivates the ground and fertilizes the fig tree, it is God’s grace and love that draw us ever closer to God. 

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