September 5, 2015

23rd Sunday - B


Be Opened”

Last Sunday, Jesus invited us to “hear and understand.”

Today, the command to the man “Ephphrata – Be opened” can be applied to us as a continuation. Jesus invites us to be opened, to hear, and to understand. [1]

God's words come to us through the words of Sacred Scriptures, which has primacy in God's revelation. At the same time, God speaks to us in our own hearts, and also through the people and events of our life.

One example of how God speaks in the events of life would be the journey that Jesus takes in today's Gospel, as Mark described it. Jesus takes an unusual route to go from Tyre to the district of the Decapolis. He goes further north to Sidon before heading south. In doing so, he enters even farther into the land of the Gentiles and brings to them the Good News. He walks with the religious outcasts of his time. He invites them to be opened to the Gospel and Kingdom of God.

So, let's take a look at the people God puts in our lives. To whom should I be more open to hear and understand God's words speaking to me.


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