September 26, 2015

26th Sunday - B


In or Out

The disciples focus on separation, and distinguish who’s in and who’s out.  Their criteria is self-centered, “He does not follow us.”  One also wonders if the disciples are jealous or embarrassed.  A few verses prior to this incident, they were “unable” to drive out a demon in a boy (v. 18).  Yet, they then “were discussing among themselves who was the greatest” (v. 34, last week’s Gospel).

Jesus is about the universality of God’s Kingdom.  There are rooms for those “who do mighty deeds in [his] name” as well as “the little ones.”   In fact, he safeguards the little ones.  And he rewards those who offer the smallest gesture of kindness to those who belongs to him.   

What small gesture can I offer to invite and welcome people into God’s Family?

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