September 19, 2015

25th Sunday - B


Jesus' Secret

Some years ago, Dan Brown wrote The Da Vinci Code with the premise that some people in the Catholic Church have a secret to hide in order to stay in power.

The disciples in this Gospel passage of Mark 9: 30-37 also have a secret that they want to keep from Jesus. Their secret is also about power.

Jesus himself has a secret. In this passage, he is journeying with his disciples, and he does “not want anyone to know about it.” To them alone, Jesus teaches the secret of who he is: the one who suffers and dies to give the whole humanity life when he rises again. That is his secret, the secret of loving service to the point of laying down his life for his friends.

The disciples did not understand it then when Jesus taught them the lesson by his words.

But once Jesus taught them the lesson by his action – his death on the cross and his resurrection, they then understood it.

And the disciples themselves would follow his example. They got the secret then.

How well do I know Jesus' secret? And am I ready to live it?

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